Apple Service

Mac repairs 
• Broken display repairs, Spilt liquid repairs,
• DVD stuck in drive?
• Lines / spots on display?
• Device not charging?
• Foot lost on bottom of mac?
• Cracks around palm area (white MacBook)?
• Data retrieval for Mac’s beyond repair.

No need to wait weeks for repairs.
Jobs booked in and quick turn around guaranteed.
Mac service 
Out of warranty
 Hardware or software issues with your Mac?
 Applications crashing?
 Recall for your Mac hardware?
 Onsite networking and repairs
 Mac running slow (quick Ram upgrades)
 Running out of storage? (HDD upgrades)
 Flash Drive upgrades available for most Macs!
 AIS is an Apple Authorised service centre,
we guarantee a high level of care 
and workmanship for all your Apple products.
iPad and iPod repairs, service 
no appointment needed.
  Broken displays
  Hardware faults
  Battery issues
  Device not charging
  Applications not opening
  Software updates
  Software refresh for hand-down to friends or family


Apple Authorised service centre
Samsung Authorised service centre
Kyocera Authorised service centre
  Apple sales professional
  Apple certified macintosh technician
  Apple certified support professional
  Samsung Photocopier / printer professional
  Kyocera photocopier / printer professional
  Fuji Xerox photocopier / printer professional